An intense brief leads Jose Cuervo to 4DX

Engaging excitement seeking millennials is the goal for a new campaign targeting moments of high intensity.

A brief seeking to “capture the spirit of intensity” led media agency Isobar to convince its client Jose Cuervo tequila to be the first spirits brand to buy a spot in the country’s only 4DX movie theatre.

The placement allows the brand’s new 60-second cinematic commercial about a man and woman dancing at the end of the world to not only be seen, but felt and smelled as well. Visuals are enhanced with the smell of wood burning, the sensation of strong wind and strobe lights at appropriate times during the spot.

Alice Di Giovanni, account director at Isobar, said the four-week buy that concludes at the end of the month aims to engage millennials that enjoy living with intensity and seeking excitement as well as show the ad on the best possible platform for the creative.

“The spot deserves a placement that has a cinematic look and feel,” she said. “We understand that not a lot of people engage with longer-form content that are brand focused. But the commercial feels theatrical in nature. So running the spot in a larger-than-life placement made sense.”

The first Canadian advertiser to buy a 4DX spot in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Cineplex theatre was Audi back in April.

In addition to the 4DX theatre buy, the spot was also shown during NHL Playoff games at Toronto’s Real Sports Bar & Grill and at other non-4DX theatres. The brand also placed a 30-second version of the spot on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on YouTube True View, Amobee native video and on Vice.

The placements were chosen to engage higher end and passionate audiences, said Di Giovanni. Real Sports Bar and Grill also gave Jose Cuervo the ability to play its spot with the sound on during its allotted time, something that is only typically allowed for theatrical trailers at the restaurant, she said.