Banque Nationale taps Quebec influencers

The 10-episode financial advice series features Émile Roy offering young Quebecers financial advice.
Banque Nationale

Banque Nationale has launched a YouTube channel featuring a Quebec YouTube influencer.

The channel, Gère-toi! (which translates to “manage yourself”), houses a 10-episode series offering financial advice to younger audiences. It features Émile Roy, whose personal channel has 20,000 subscribers.

Roy has been given editorial control of the tone and content of the episodes, said Yann Jodoin, VP marketing at Banque Nationale. The bank’s role is limited to providing the informational content and approving the themes of each episode. The idea was to let Roy “keep the tone he was already providing” without changing his often-humorous approach.

Jodoin said the bank spent little on promoting the series, except for some targeted segments, choosing instead to let its audience grow organically. However, next year, it will be looking at the possibility of promoting it on Banque Nationale’s own YouTube channel and on its other social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, and Google+.

Some of the episodes include guest appearances from other Quebec YouTube personalities, including Gloria-Bella Brisson, Jessibouu, Massi Mahiou, PL Cloutier, Élie Pilon and Simon Leclerc. It’s a strategy that Jodoin said has helped expand the channel’s reach organically, seeing as the influencers often post the content on their own channels.

As with any such initiative, Jodoin said, the goal was to create content with a high degree of authenticity that isn’t overly “invasive.” (The brand is hardly mentioned in the episodes.) Its primary goal was to create awareness for potential future customers ahead of financial literacy month in November.

The series’s core audience is intended to be teenagers aged 14 to 17, for whom financial resources aren’t always readily available online.

Banque Nationale partnered on the series with Le Slingshot studio, a creative studio representing YouTubers. So far, it has garnered some 2,000 subscribers and around 35,000 episode views.