Spotted: Kraft Heinz keeps things slow

OOH focused on anything that tests your patience is part of a campaign centred on a website that intentionally takes forever to load.

Kraft Heinz is taking it slow with its latest ketchup campaign. Real slow.

This week, the company’s Heinz Ketchup brand launched new OOH, with media buying by Carat, focused on iconic images of all things slow, like waiting for someone to finish typing an urgently awaited response to a text message.

But on Thursday, the CPG giant converted the front page of its websites in the U.S. and Canada into a sluggish, gamified giveaway for their category-leading product that made visitors to the page wait the same number of minutes as the number of varieties printed on its bottleneck – 57, for those unfamiliar – to load. And now that we have all gotten used to our high-speed internet connections, going back to the speeds of dial-up is no easy ask.

Once the page loaded, the first 157 visitors earned themselves a free bottle of ketchup. Though the giveaway is already sold out, the company is urging people to “stay patient, there may be more.”


The goal of the promotion is once again to associate a brand trait with the customer experience, according to Daniel Gotlib, associate director of brand building and innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada. In this case, it’s intended to get customers thinking about the slow pour of the condiment from its glass bottle.

In addition to Carat, Kraft Heinz worked with Rethink on creative agency and Colony Project handling communications. It follows January’s¬†“Draw Ketchup”¬†campaign, which played on the ubiquity of the brand and ketchup bottles, as well as last year’s single-colour puzzle giveaway, which also tied back to making consumers be patient.