Mobi Plus hires new VP, eyes gaming for growth

The newly lauched mobile media company has hired Mat Wildbore to handle sales operations as it looks to establish itself in Canada.

Mobi Plus has tapped Mat Wildbore, former director of sales at Cluep, as its new VP of sales.

A privately-owned, Toronto-based mobile media company that specializes in programmatic ad tech solutions for agencies and brands, Mobi Plus had been looking for “a VP of sales could really manage the day-to-day sales operations and feed into the product,” says Katelyn Daniell, managing partner of specialist tech advisory firm Nix Group, which was hired by Mobi Plus to help establish the company in Canada when it soft launched in 2020.

“Mat was great for us because he’s got a lot of experience selling mobile programmatic media solutions,” Daniell, whose company has been tasked with recruiting and structuring a Mobi Plus sales team, told Media in Canada“He’s got a really strong lens for technology and ad tech, and he’s a very innovative thinker in how he sees products sitting in Canada.”

Wildbore says Mobi Plus, which currently employs 12, has a number of core focus products it offers clients, ranging from Predicted Intelligence (“where we predict an audience without using cookies”); Contextual Intelligence (“where we essentially match passion points without the use of cookies”), Gaming Plus (“in-game dynamic advertising”) and Social Gaming (“tapping into social gamers online.”)

“We show our clients, ‘Here’s all the best in-game dynamic ad providers and we’ll just take all these different technologies, inventories, and data sets and really just simplify it and make it one tangible, easy-to-buy product for our clients,” Wildbore notes.  “That’s the core difference.”

Offering clients programmatic ad placement within such vehicles as games offers an alternative to what Wildbore calls “the walled gardens” of tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. “[Mobi] is a managed service mobile programmatic media company, first and foremost,” he says. “Our overarching focus is that in sourcing global ad tech solutions that sit outside of the Googles and Facebooks of the world.”

Wildbore says that Mobi Plus is targeting martech or adtech companies that “are either independent or have a global footprint, that are really pioneering a new space, whether it’s blockchain technologies or it’s in the gaming space, and they’ve built a SBK… We find those companies and essentially build them into our product offering.”

For instance, her company has helped broker “exclusive programmatic access” programmatic access for Mobi Plus with Frameplay Gaming.

“Brands are all asking about [gaming], but they really don’t know the best way to navigate it, what a gamer looks like… So [Mobi's goal is] really around education [around] emerging areas like e-commerce, mobile payments, blockchain technology and supply path optimization.”