RadioCount selected to measure local diary markets

Operated by Port Dover's Microtherapy, the service will measure 21 radio markets previously dropped by Numeris.
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RadioCount has been selected to provide audience measurement for diary markets no longer served by Numeris.

When Numeris dropped measurement in some diary markets, industry organization Radio Connects stepped in to form a measurement committee comprised of broadcasters, rep shops and agencies representing key audio advertisers to assess alternative measurement solutions.

Caroline Gianias, president of Radio Connects, says Microtherapy’s radioCount, which was endorsed by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, delivered the best solution for stations to provide ratings and audience data to advertisers.

RadioCount Data Services was established in January by radio systems solutions company Microtherapy of Port Dover, Ontario, and will begin measuring over 20 markets in September with a Fall 2021 survey release to be made available in late November.

The markets covered include Belleville, Chatham, Cornwall, Guelph, North Bay, Owen Sound, Pembroke, Peterborough, Sarnia, Thunder Bay and Wingham in Ontario; Brandon in Manitoba; Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island; Chilliwack, Kamloops and Prince George in British Columbia; Fredericton and Saint John in New Brunswick; Lethbridge, Red Deer in Alberta; and Sydney in Nova Scotia.

This past spring, Numeris measured only the top 22 diary markets while 68 local radio markets were dropped. The top five markets – Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver – continued to be measured via passive personal meters. Although not all of the markets are being measured, the broadcasters decided which markets they wanted radioCount to measure. The determination was based on issues such as market size, competitiveness and budgets.

The other companies under consideration by the selection committee were Australia’s Xtra Insights and Quebec City’s StatsRadio.