ICYMI: Stingray goes international with Amazon

Plus, Snap launches new insights tool and Twitter teams up with Wealthsimple.

Snap debuts a trends insights tool

Snap has launched Snapchat Trends, a public tool that allows full visibility to words and phrases that are trending on the platform, as well as a searchable database to see how topics perform over time.

Unlike text-based platforms like Twitter and Facebook, getting a gauge on trending topics can be a bit of a challenge on Snapchat. But the new web-based tool aims to allow both marketers and content creators to see what topics audiences on the platform care about, and also gives media planners an idea of which other content and subjects their ads may be appearing within.

To ensure user privacy, Trends only pulls data from public stories or private stories viewed by “a large group” of users. Chats or direct messages will not be indexed.

Twitter integrates with Wealthsimple to tip users

Users that are looking to get financial support for content they share on Twitter can now integrate the platform’s new “Tip Jar” feature with a Wealthsimple Cash account.

Wealthsimple Cash is a peer-to-peer money transfer app the Canadian financial company launched late last year. It becomes the first Canada-based payment company to integrate with the “Tip Jar” feature.

Twitter began rolling out the “Tip Jar” in May, part of the social network’s focus on helping users with large followings on the platform find new ways to engage and monetize their audience without sending them outside the platform to services like Patreon or GoFundMe. Still available only to test groups, payments could previously be made through PayPal, Venmo and CashApp, the latter two of which are not available in Canada.

Integrating with the “Tip Jar” is a fit for how Wealthsimple has previously positioned its Cash app – as a way to support creators. The company is currently in the midst of an influencer campaign with drag queen and Canada’s Drag Race contestant Tynomi Banks, showing it as a way to tip queens virtually, complete with a $10,000 giveaway.

Stingray expands outside Canada with Amazon Prime

Montreal-based Stingray Group now has international reach through its first bundled services with Amazon Prime Video Channels.

Prime members in Canada, Mexico and Brazil now have access to the Stingray “All Good Vibes” subscription. The bundle includes Qello Concerts by Stingray, Stingray Karaoke, Stingray Classica, Stingray DJAZZ and Stingray Naturescape.

These services feature concert-films and music docs on Qello Concerts; excerpts of orchestral performances, operas, and ballets on Stingray Classica; and nature scenes set to peaceful soundtracks on Stingray Naturescape.

With files from Patti Summerfield.