Kabo Fresh Dog Food partners with BuzzFeed for content campaign

The month-long brand awareness campaign is designed to reach seven million dog parents across the country.
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BuzzFeed Canada and Kabo Fresh Dog Food have created BuzzFeed Dog Month, a content campaign that launched on National Dog Day (August 26) and runs until September 26.

Kabo is a Canadian, home-delivered dog food brand with distribution in cities like Montreal, Winnipeg and Calgary, as well as across Ontario and British Columbia.

During the month, BuzzFeed will publish twelve pieces of dog-focused editorial content that will live on a dedicated hub. All of the editorial content includes Kabo product mentions alongside banners displayed across all commissioned pieces. The partnership also includes recipe videos featuring Kabo’s ingredients. The company’s branding will also dominate with a BuzzFeed.com homepage takeover alongside Facebook and Twitter social cover photo takeovers at the time of launch.

“This partnership with BuzzFeed allows us to very effectively target a hard-to-reach demographic to raise awareness of Kabo and also educate pet owners on various modern pet topics,” says Kabo founder Vino Jeyapalan. “We’re excited to share our mission to help dogs live happier, healthier lives to the more than seven million dog parents across the country.”

A BuzzFeed spokesperson told MiC that native advertising like that of the Dog Month campaign is one of the media company’s key revenue streams, alongside commerce, licensing, studio and shows.