Reddit begins placing ads in conversations

The site's new format appears in a place where users spend 42% of their time.

Starting today, brands can reach Reddit users where the platform says they are most engaged – within a conversation thread.

The company’s new Conversation Placement sits in a conversation thread, under the original post and above the first comment. This new placement type has a proven track record for advertiser success, based on results from 12 months of beta testing with more than 600 advertising partners including HBO Max, Adobe,, The Washington Post, and Nespresso.

image001Beta test partners saw a 9% average increase in clickthrough rate, a 10% higher downstream conversion rate and 23% lower cost per click rate when using both Conversation Placement and Feed ads.

According to Reddit, its users contribute to more than 350,000 conversations on the platform every day with 42% of their time spent in a conversation thread.

Since the surface area for ads is compact, it is recommended that the creative not include busy images or small text. In addition, headlines lengths should not exceed 100 characters on mobile or 250 characters on desktop or it will be cut off. There is no video autoplay, so static images are recommended and ads can be clickable to take users to a brand site. Conversation Placement can host video, though, with the maximum length of 15 minutes or up to 1 GB in file size, although Reddit recommends between five to 30 second video ads for this placement.

Conversation Placement also offers all the same brand safety features that exist for all Reddit advertising, including its Oracle Database Cloud integration via the Limited Inventory tier. In addition, negative keyword exclusion applies to the original post, the post body and top comment, which means Conversation Placement will not appear alongside the list of more than 1000 words that Reddit has deemed unsuitable for advertising.