Liquid Media makes another acquisition

As its purchase of Indieflix is finalized, the IP monetization company has announced its intent to buy Digital Cinema United.

It has been a busy week for Vancouver’s Liquid Media Group, having announced the finalization of one deal and its intent to acquire another company.

Liquid Media has signed a letter of intent to acquire Digital Cinema United (DCU), a a global provider of technical content services for theatrical, home entertainment and digital distribution platforms that helps ensure files to digital content streamers is delivered in their intended quality.

Under the terms of the LOI, Liquid would acquire DCU for up to 3,750,000 shares and DCU must achieve revenues totalling over $15 million USD to trigger two of the three equal tranches.

Liquid, which provides content monetization services to independent content and IP creators, has been on a run of acquisitions as of late as it expands its offering, including offering more ad-supported models.

This week, Liquid has also finalized its agreement to acquire Indieflix Group, which was first announced in May and is expected to be completed in coming days.

Indieflix is a global subscription VOD streaming service focused on “content with a purpose.” In addition to providing independent films and educational content, Indieflix has also expanded into B2C content, offering production for live events and internal education and training videos.