Ideon partners with cannabis DSP Traffic Roots

The company hopes to solve a pain point around scale for advertisers in the highly regulated space.
Medical Marijuana/ Cannabis And Accessories

Ideon Media has signed an exclusive partnership with San Diego-based, cannabis-focused programmatic company Traffic Roots to serve as its exclusive Canadian ad sales partner.

Traffic Roots’ offering was built for regulated industries and includes geo-fencing and first-party data ingestion – services important to targeting ads in the highly regulated cannabis sector – as well as live reporting in multiple ad formats. The company is able to place ads on over 160,000 websites through its DSP.

Ideon’s publisher network includes the likes of 29Secrets, SavvyMom and AmongMen, which reach a combined nine million unique visitors monthly, according to the company. It is also a Canadian affiliate with international sites like Mashable, IGN and Bustle, which deliver an additional 17 million unique views from Canada each month.

With the partnership, Ideon hopes to allow advertisers in the cannabis to reach age-gated audiences on premium publishers, at scale. Kevin Bartus, Ideon’s president and CEO, says that scale is often hard for cannabis advertisers to achieve, as they tend to be excluded from major networks like Google and Facebook.

“Yet digital campaigns often need multi-site scale to perform and deliver results,” he says, adding that Traffic Roots will help solve that pain point.