CDMQ merges with the A2C

After joining forces, the association will continue to support Quebec's media industry by forming a new permanent committee.

The Conseil des directeurs médias du Québec (Council of Quebec Media Directors, CDMQ) is merging with Quebec’s Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C).

Following the merger, the A2C will continue to raise awareness about the media industry and advocate for media agencies as part of its mandate. One way it aims to continue that kind of work going forward is by creating a permanent committee of six to seven media directors to oversee projects specific to the media industry and the challenges or opportunities it is facing.

Véronik L’Heureux, president of the CDMQ, said in a statement that CDMQ expertise will still be leveraged by the combined body, except now with the support of the A2C, which will increase efforts to reach out to stakeholders in their “common ecosystem” in Quebec.

The merger was approved in a vote by CDMQ members, who had been working with the A2C as part of a pilot to establish closer ties between the two organizations, which included projects like Mouvement média d’ici, a set of goals, guides and resources to support responsible local media in Quebec.

“Subjects of interest were already part of our discussions, and our collaboration has allowed us to launch projects more quickly,” said Louis Duchesne, president of Quebec and East at Cossette and board chair of the A2C. “The permanent committee will ensure the presence of a powerful voice as we work towards our goals, such as those outlined in the Mouvement média d’ici, and pursue our advocacy efforts to showcase the media industry.”

The CDMQ was founded in 1987. The current CDMQ executive committee will remain in place until the new committee is elected this fall.