Roku brings its omni-screen digital ad platform to Canada

OneView allows advertisers to plan, buy and measure across streaming and CTV formats, as well take a holistic view of an audience.

Roku is extending its OneView Ad Platform into Canada with a full roll out on Thursday.

The self-serve ad platform, built for TV streaming, offers advertisers and agencies first-party identity data, which allows them to plan, buy and measure their advertising more effectively across both a CTV screen and streaming TV.

But a big draw, according to Roku, is that OneView also allows an omni-screen approach to media buying and planning.¬†Christina Summers, regional sales manager for Roku Canada, says OneView is more about the audience the advertiser is trying to reach, rather than the program.¬†“We’re matching audiences, behaviours and KPIs to our clients to make sure we’re finding the right audience for the message they’re trying to deliver.”

OneView can be integrated with third-party data providers and can also onboard clients’ first party data. The data is anonymized and matched to Roku households based on Roku’s first-party data.

Content distributors on the Roku platform, such as CBC and Global, can also use the service to promote channel or content catalog in a targeted way.

IPG’s Matterkind has signed on as the first Canadian campaign partner.

OneView is a relaunch of DataView, which Roku purchased at the end of 2019. The platform didn’t have a presence in Canadian marketplace prior to the acquisition, so Roku worked to ensure there was a robust offering to bring to the Canadian market and tested it with a few partners before the rollout.

Roku’s recently-released State of Canadian Streaming report showed not only the growing popularity of TV streaming (77% of Canada), but also AVOD services (just over half), the biggest area of growth.

On the traditional TV front, earlier this year, Roku acquired Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising offering to dynamically insert ads into linear TV programming.