NLogic launches its real-time TV ad measurement platform

Adgile's Catalyst platform will now allow Canadian advertisers to attribute traditional ads and brand integrations to business outcomes.

NLogic and Australian adtech company Adgile have launched Catalyst in Canada, offering local brands a greater ability to track how TV ads and sponsorships contribute to their business.

Catalyst, Adgile’s performance management platform for TV advertising, provides impression-level and consumer behaviour measurements in real-time, offering a way to attribute both short- and long-term outcomes to TV ads. It also uses visual recognition technology to identify not just traditional ads, but also sponsorship and in-program brand content to create its own first-party data.

The two companies formed a partnership in the spring and, since then, have been working to integrate NLogic’s audience API into Adgile’s cloud-based Catalyst platform. As a result of that work, the platform now allows brands to get real-time insights about how ads and brand integrations are performing across both traditional and on-demand TV.

NLogic and Adgile plan to expand Catalyst further to build a complete picture of how all forms of TV contribute to brand growth, according to David Phillips, president and COO at NLogic.