ICYMI: Boardroom drama continues at Rogers

Plus, TSN brings its 5G viewing experience to Raptors broadcasts and Torstar's iPolitics teams with Mainstreet Research.

Rogers replaces chair, who fires back with effort to replace directors

Rogers Communications has a new chair, though how long he is in the role remains to be seen.

A tumultuous few week at the company began late last month after chair Edward Rogers, son of company founder Ted Rogers, made an attempt to remove company CEO Joe Natale from his post, a move that was voted down by a majority of board, which includes several other members of the Rogers family. The event resulted in the departure of company CFO Tony Staffieri, Edward Rogers’ pick for Natale’s replacement, and the announcement alongside Thursday’s quarterly results that a committee had been formed to create guidelines for interactions between the chair and company management.

Rogers announced in a statement Thursday afternoon that its board had voted to removed Edward Rogers as chair, Рreplacing him with long-time director John A. MacDonald Рthough he would remain a director with the company.

Edward Rogers also remains chair of the Rogers Control Trust, a private family entity that holds a voting control of shares in the company. Late Thursday evening, the Trust issued its own statement saying it had drafted a resolution to remove five directors – including new chair MacDonald – with five picked by the trust. The resolution requires two-thirds of Class A shareholders to sign off for it to be adopted, but as the Rogers Control Trust owns over 97% of Class A shares, it is expected to become effective on or about Friday, Oct. 22.

Rogers Communications issued a press release Friday morning, the company questioned whether such a mechanism could be used without calling a meeting of shareholders. It added that it had yet to receive any documentation related to the matter, but would be consulting with legal counsel if and when it did.

TSN gives Raptors games the 5G View

TSN is making its roster of Toronto Raptors home games available to watch through its 5G View service.

Available to TSN subscribers who also have a 5G-enabled device on the Bell network, the technology allows viewers to control their viewing angle and playback speed during the games, replays and highlights from their mobile device.

The service will be available during all of TSN’s Raptors games played at home this season.

TSN first introduced 5G View during the last NHL season, first for its regional broadcasts of Montreal Canadiens games before bringing it to its Toronto Maple Leafs games. The service will continue to be available for the Habs and Leafs home games TSN will be broadcasting this season.

iPolitics and Mainstreet Research partner up

Polling firm Mainstreet Research has formed an equity partnership with Torstar-owned new outlet iPolitics. The partnership will see Mainstreet help iPolitics in its coverage of federal and provincal elections, as well as public policy issues.

The two teams previously worked together during the most recent federal election, developing the “Electionometer,” a dashboard that brought in polling results and changes in real time.

Paul Rivet, chair and co-owner of Torstar, says the partnership is meant to compliment iPolitics’ existing coverage, while offering subscribers an “exclusive package” of data, news and information.