McDonald’s jumps to the top: Media Monitors

The QSR, as well as Bell, are once again the most active radio advertisers in Toronto as things in Montreal remain relatively unchanged.

Two brands that have maintained a strong presence on Toronto’s radio airwaves the last few months have once again boosted their buys, according to Media Monitors data for the week of Oct. 25 to 31.

McDonald’s re-took its place as the most active radio advertiser in Toronto after falling to eighth last week. Bell also jumped back into the upper ranks at second, as advertising behind its mobile phone service from previous weeks this fall was replaced by a new push for its internet service.

HSBC dipped from third to seventh, giving Telus, Ontario Tourism, Desjardins and Ford room to move up one spot each.

Categorically, banks and financial service providers increased their spots to become the most active group of radio advertisers overall, followed by public services and QSRs.

In Montreal, the charts were largely the same as last week, with the Government of Quebec, Virgin and GM again being the three most active radio advertisers, followed by McDonald’s and Nissan shuffling up one spot each after Bell slipped from fourth to sixth. Categorically, banks and financial services bought slightly more spots than government ministries, followed by business and consumer services.

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