Sleep Country and partner on content push

The two retailers are teaming up to show why healthy sleep is important to an overall wellness journey.

Sleep Country Canada and have partnered up with a content- and education-focused approach that promotes the role both brands can play in healthy sleep habits.

On Tuesday, the partners are staging an Instagram Live event from 7 to 8 p.m. ET on Sleep Country’s account featuring inspiring conversations about the importance of sleep as an essential component of health and wellness with special guests, including expert Samantha Piechota.

The following day, the brands are launching a co-branded “Sleep Wellness Giveaway” on Instagram for a chance to win a prize packs that include a variety of products and a $500 Sleep Country gift card.

Founded in 1994 as a traditional mattress and bedroom retailer, Sleep Country has been expanding its operations in recent years to include direct-to-consumer mattress brand Endy and, as of last month, weighted blanket brand Hush. That’s on top of 287 Sleep Country stores (Dormez-vous? in Quebec) across Canada., for its part, counts over 1000 sleep aids, supplements, OTC medicines and related products among the 40,000 on its online platform.

Stephanie Barrington, VP of marketing at, says the content delivered through the partnership is meant to empower Canadians with tools and information they are looking for when considering things to improve their health and wellness. Phil Besner, SVP of business development of Sleep Country, adds that what each brand offers is a “winning combination” to helping Canadians understand how important sleep is to health and wellness.

The partnership also gives Sleep Country greater visibility among’s health-and-wellness focused audience. To promote the partnership, also included $25 off coupons in order shipments made in September and October.

Sleep Country has nearly 69,000 followers on Instagram, while has over 128,000. Both accounts are promoting tonight’s stream, as is host and influencer Sarah Nicole Landry (2.1 million followers).