Snap rolls out single-source, multi-format buying

The tool allows brands to include all video formats in a single ad set, optimized for performance and budget.

Snap has launched Multi-Format Delivery, a new buying product that enables marketers to buy all of Snap’s video formats in one advertising set.

Previously, an ad set on Snapchat could only include a single format. Now, multiple ad formats can be bought within a set, so long as they have the same budget allocation, bid type, targeting and schedule.

Beyond variety, Multi-Format Delivery is also different from single product ad sets in that the tool can also help buyers and clients determine which inventory to use based on goal, target audience and bid type. While this decision-making process is automated based on Snap’s data and machine learning capabilities, reporting will be broken out by ad format, so that buyers can evaluate the efficiency of each format and how it contributes to overall brand performance.

In its announcement, Snap said a multi-product approach will help brands drive campaign performance and put its auction dynamics to better use in matching a client’s objectives and budget.

The product launch includes all of Snap’s video ad formats, including Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads and Commercials. Snap’s augmented reality camera offerings are expected to be added by Q2 of 2022.