BuzzFeed brings Shopping+ to Canada

The editorial-led hub still offers a wealth of possibilities (and lifts to performance) for brands.
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 12.10.19 PM

BuzzFeed aims to capture high-intent shoppers with the Canadian launch of its commerce hub Shopping+.

The new hub is a relaunch of its original Shopping section, which was simply a listing page. Shopping+ features new functions like search-enhanced navigation, curated collections and surfacing standalone products, as well as live shoppable video integrations.

It is also separate from Buzzfeed’s advertising business, and rather than paid content, it offers curated content selected by the editorial team.

Becca Maier, director of international commerce at BuzzFeed, explains that all content is product recommendation.

“What products are chosen to write about, how frequently, is up to the discretion of editorial,” she says, although that still opens up opportunities for brand sponsorships. “Of course, we’ve set up a partnership with the brand to ensure that if we are able to drive conversion for them, we earn our contribution with commissions and percentages of sales.”

BuzzFeed has seen positive results since launching Shopping+ in the U.S. Once users land on product category pages, the overall clickthrough probability (CTP) into posts is 66%. Of the shoppers who used the new search functionality, there’s been a 71% CTP on desktop and 66% CTP on mobile. Around 30% of users on desktop and 10% of mobile users return to the experience within seven days.

Maier is expecting a positive response to the shopping hub in Canada as well. From what she knows about the Canadian audience, they love beauty, fashion and home d├ęcor and are willing to spend money on something if they trust the brand and it feels like the right time to purchase it.

Although BuzzFeed is seen around the world, Maier says the shopping feature is specific to each country.

“Shopping content will only work if tailored to the right audience – what’s available, what they love and what they’re familiar with. That’s what this new section does. Our writers really know our audience very well and the audience really trusts the content.”