Noovo launches its digital news platform

The "final piece" of Bell Media's French news division aims to extend reach to audiences across platforms.

Bell Media has launched its Noovo Info news site, a dedicated digital destination that is the last piece in the company’s strategy to extend its content in Quebec.

The ad-supported site features written and video content, as well as sections for ten different regions of the province. Content will include contributions from columnists Dr. Alain Vadeboncoeur, Valérie Beaudoin, Camille Lopez, Patrick Déry, Victor Henriquez, Luc Ferrandez and Léa Stréliski, in addition to the digital news team.

Bell Media describes the new dedicated digital news platform as the “final piece” of the Noovo Info multi-platform news division. Suzane Landry, VP of content development, programming and news at Bell Media, says the overall news strategy is to increase its reach by providing relevant content that reaches audiences throughout Quebec on the platform of their choice.

Since Bell Media acquired the former V network in mid-2020, it has been working to relaunch it under the Noovo name and create more of health competition in the Quebec media landscape after V had struggled to capture audiences from TVA and Radio-Canada.

Bell Media created the Noovo Info banner for its French news coverage, and last spring launched national and local news broadcasts under the name Noovo Le FilThe broadcasts and other digital news content has also been living on the broader Noovo platform and AVOD service.

Bell also intends to increase Noovo’s news audience on social platforms, namely TikTok and Instagram, where short-form video content can reach younger audiences. While the Noovo Info TikTok account has just under 600 followers and under two dozen videos as of this writing, individual videos have gotten between 200 and 27,000 views – Bell intends to soon hire a journalist dedicated to the platform to help increase its output and grow its audience on the platform.