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How will media be redefined in 2022?

Leaders from CMDC’s board look ahead at the opportunities for evolution in a post-pandemic world.


Radio One is performing well in medium-sized markets

David Bray takes a closer look at five cities covered in Numeris’ Fall book.

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Talk stations are at the top of Canada’s biggest radio markets

David Bray takes another dive into the latest PPM radio ratings.

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Better data. Better results.

Bell Media launches Bell DSP, an ad-tech platform designed for Canadian advertisers


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Which stations are tops in local radio markets?

David Bray looks at the first release of RadioCounts’ survey of small- and medium-sized markets previously dropped by Numeris.


Tylenol tops YouGov’s list of best brands in Canada this year

Consumer data show which brands reign supreme



Why influencer marketing is a fit with boomers’ online habits

Clark Influence’s Chlöé Bartuccio-Pereira goes deep on the platforms and formats that reveal an opportunity to reach older consumers.


Let the cookie crumble

Get ahead of the competition by going cookieless today



The demographic time bomb no one is talking about

Mediacom’s Kieran Miles sounds the alarm about the fact that, if you sell to young adults, business is about to get rough.


8 Lessons: The paradox of allyship and how we overcome it

Ishma Alexander-Huet concludes her series by examining the paradox of allies needing to be the ones to do the work, but not being able to do it without BIPOC.


8 Lessons: How being autistic helped me reach my goal

Ishma Alexander-Huet looks at how neurodiversity frequently intersects with the barriers BIPOC face in the workplace.


8 Lessons: Made in Canada

Ishma Alexander-Huet examines the Black experience for those born here versus those that came here, and the lessons it offers for anyone looking to help immigrants on their own teams be successful.

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Four ways brands can embrace agility this holiday

Facebook’s insights on how brands can strengthen customer connections by staying nimble